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        Below links are from Khan Academy. I found Khan Academy very helpful to understand any basic concepts.  You can either go to Khan academy website directly or click on the topics below.


Introduction to Algebra

     This topic covers: – Evaluating algebraic expressions – Manipulating algebraic expressions & equivalent expressions – Seeing structure in expressions – Irrational numbers – Division by zero


Linear equations, functions, & graphs

This topic covers: – Intercepts of linear equations/functions – Slope of linear equations/functions – Slope-intercept, point-slope, & standard forms – Graphing linear equations/functions – Writing linear equations/functions – Interpreting linear equations/functions – Linear equations/functions word problems


This topic covers: – Recursive and explicit formulas for sequences – Arithmetic sequences – Geometric sequences – Sequences word problems
This topic covers: – Solutions of linear systems – Graphing linear systems – Solving linear systems algebraically – Analyzing the number of solutions to systems – Linear systems word problems

Two-variable inequalities

This topic covers: – Solutions to linear inequalities and systems of inequalities – Graphing linear inequalities and systems of inequalities – Linear inequalities and systems of inequalities word problems


This topic covers: – Evaluating functions – Domain & range of functions – Graphical features of functions – Average rate of change of functions – Function combination and composition – Function transformations (shift, reflect, stretch) – Piecewise functions – Inverse functions – Two-variable functions

Absolute value equations, functions, & inequalities

This topic covers: – Solving absolute value equations – Graphing absolute value functions – Solving absolute value inequalities

Quadratic equations & functions

This topic covers: – Solving quadratic equations – Graphing quadratic functions – Features of quadratic functions – Quadratic equations/functions word problems – Systems of quadratic equations – Quadratic inequalities

Polynomial expressions, equations, & functions

This topic covers: – Adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomial expressions – Factoring polynomial expressions as the product of linear factors – Dividing polynomial expressions – Proving polynomials identities – Solving polynomial equations & finding the zeros of polynomial functions – Graphing polynomial functions – Symmetry of functions


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