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A Month into Horse riding

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Hello everyone. I was just giving an update on horse riding. I have been going for a month now and I have started going on canters. Today I had gotten the horse Bolt. He is a horse who has a habit of putting his head down to make the rider fall off(especially when they are kids). I have ridden Bolt before and knew about his behaviour. But he turned out to be more responsive than I thought he would be. He was trotting with ease. Then the teacher told me to try to pick up a canter. I tried it once, twice and when it did'nt happen I was thinking, well Bolt is not going to canter no matter what. But when I tried it a third time, he actually started cantering! I was thinking "wow!!!! i'm doing a canter on bolt!!". Also this month I got the horse Arjun who is a polo horse. He feels very power...