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Horse Riding

Hello everyone…I am writing this article to tell you about horse riding, which I have been learning lately. So first of all, what is horse riding? Well, horse riding or horseback riding is a mode of transport as well as a good sport.


Today was my fourteenth class and I’m trotting independently. Trotting is the two beat gait of a horse this is when the diagonals of the horse move together. Rising trot should be ridden on the outside diagonal, meaning that the rider sits as the horse’s outside shoulder comes back and the inside hind leg hits the ground. This is the moment at which the horse is best able to support the rider’s weight in the saddle and it also helps to ensure the horse becomes well-muscled.A bumping trot is when you rise up and down quickly with the rhythm of the horse.

I’m riding the horse Sasha in this picture.

Here I’m the one in the orange and grey shirt with the black breeches and red helmet. Here I’m riding the horse Danny.

Till now i’ve ridden only Sasha and Danny.

There are still  seven horses that i’ve not ridden yet. All horses are different and I wonder how the other horses will be.


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